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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Similes are as Hilarious as Me Tripping and Falling into a Box

 Wednesday!! We are officially on fall break!   Oh..and it is 65 HEALTHY degrees here! Guess who will spending the day getting caught up vs watching the leaves gently glide to the!  Busy as the wings on a hummingbird! to the main content of this post!  SIMILES!!!  Have you introduced them to your students yet?
You know these good old guys:  Happy like a bird in flight.  Tight as fuzzy skin on peaches.  Cold as scoops of frozen peas.  Strong as an ox.  Stubborn as a mule.  Fun like writing similes.

Here are three wonderful like sleeping in on Saturday books to share with your students:

This one is also presented on:  pbskids

Here is a BrainPOP Jr. video:  Click Here
Here is a list of activities and ideas as helpful as a cube of Post It notes for you to try too:  Click Here

When we get back from break we are going to write smilies about ourselves and our parents and make them into a class book!  I will be as happy as a Blue Jay who just spotted a slab of suet to share them with you!


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