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Monday, July 22, 2013

Fuse Bead Fun!

It's the third term of summer school.  This term's classes-Fuse Bead Fun and Books to Movies!  Yes, Fuse Beads-have you heard of them?  I have been teaching how to do these beads for 5 summers-guess what-with the same iron.  What do I use:
Ironing Paper,
Tweezers-if needed to pick up beads,
Pattern Books,
Fuse Bead Patterns
and TIME :)

Start with a pattern board.  Get the beads you want.  Complete the board.  Use iron paper and melt the top side of the pattern.  Take the pattern board off, flip the fuse bead creation.  Iron the other side.  COOL!  THAT'S ALL!!!

Today I started a monkey (little wild and like to hang around)!  Tomorrow-bananas to go with it.
finished creations


Miss M said...

I love fuse beads! (I call them melty beads!) They are so fun and are such a great fine motor skill. I am your newest follower...almost 100 :)

Stop by my blog if you have the chance :) I'm having a giveaway!

Miss M
The Fabulous First Grade

Teacher and Life Long Learner said...

True! Thanks for your comments. Smiles!