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Friday, June 28, 2013

Cup Stacking

On your mark, get set, CUP STACK!!!!!!  Have you ever tried?  It's the last day of the first term of Summer School and we did tried and set records (of course PR's).  My time-17 seconds playing by the 3-6- 3 rules.  There are many ways to stack cups, depending on which video you watch or who instructs you on how to play.  But, we went to the Speed Stacker's website and found that they have tutorials which are perfect for newbies and beginners.   Here is the link we used speedstacks

Let me know how you do.  Now..on your mark, get set.....


Lauren Blackmon said...

I saw your post on my blog for the giveaway and I love your idea of 4. Leave our email in the comment box and I will send it to you. Happy teaching and 4th of July ;)

Teacher and Life Long Learner said...