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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Card Stacking Challenge!

It's Wednesday, June, 26th.  Yesterday we were halfway to Christmas and it was Kid's Day in Green Bay, WI!  Kids were able to get into many children's attractions for free with a Kid's Day bracelet!!  (I was too old...I know...uggggh).

Today was the 8th day of Summer School!  We watched card pyramid and stacking videos on You Tube!  Card Stacking  Card Stacking #2   (on the second one you might want to mute sound)

Okay, I briefed them that we did not need to go that fast or have the "magic" behind the cinematography.  But, they had to have a positive attitude and willing spirits and DID THEY!!!!!!!  I even tried, but ever group   and student was able to surpass my creation.  I only got to two...yes, I was working on staying calm and being positive too!  One student (who had done this at home) was able to use over 30 cards.   BRAVO!


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