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Sunday, September 25, 2011

The Great Postcard Exchange

This year we have joined a 2nd Grade Great Postcard Exchange. We purchases Wisconsin postcards to send out to each state that has signed up. On our postcards, we put a caption about our school, community, and our state. We identified a few interesting state facts and what we are famous for! We have already recieved around 8 postcards from other states. Students' extended family members have also been sending us postcards from all over the United States. When we get a postcard, we read it, find where the state is in our Social Studies book (using the map in the book), and then put the postcard on a huge wall map that our janitor placed on the wall for us. What a learning experience in geography, communities, culture, and respecting differences. Furthermore, the whole school is able to take part of our exchange because we put the map in the hallway.

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