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Monday, May 21, 2012

Hershey's Fun

Today we used a Hershey's bar to show multiplication, division, and fractions!  Unfortunately, when we went to unwrap them, they were a little melted so we had a little difficulty unwrapping them, but those who could not unwrap theirs, just looked on with an elbow buddy!  We started with 12 squares then went to 1/2 then went to 1/4 then all the way down to 1/12!  We discussed equivalent fractions and sharing/grouping, etc.  We graped what the bar looked like as a whole all the way to its 12 pieces.  Next to the picture we wrote a multiplication problem and a fraction!  We also talked about how in the beginning we had 1 whole, but eventually ending up with 12 pieces-with the potential to share with 12 students!  Of course they also wanted to know when they could eat all 12 pieces!

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