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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Lights! Camera! Amelia Bedelia!

It's October!!!  How, I'm not sure, but it is here!  The leaves are changing ladies!!!  Pictures to come of the colors, but now it's almost presentation time!

Today, my Multi-agers began their skits on Understanding (our word of the month).  We are in charge of teaching our school what Understanding is and how to show understanding!  We decided to use Amelia Bedelia-you know her, right :-)  My kiddos and I love her, plus she is a good example of someone who doesn't understand at first-takes things literally but in the end all things work out as Mr. and Mrs. Rodgers and the other characters help her put the pieces together (not literally) and understand :-)

My kiddos are going to use lines from the texts and act them out and show how they would help Amelia understand-setting an example, role modeling, and empowering.  I hope to tape them and add the production to an upcoming blog post!

Literal Smiles,

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