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Sunday, November 10, 2013

Rock, Minerals, and Gems Oh My!!!

Happy Sunday!  We are now in the 2nd Quarter.  It's hard to believe....

We are now two weeks into our Rocks and Minerals Kit.  On Friday we compared and contrasted 12 rocks with 3 minerals.  We asked: is this mineral in all the rocks or just one?  What rock has all three minerals?  What are the properties of minerals?  How are rocks and minerals different?  They were awed by the Quartz-"This looks like a Diamond."  

We have 9 more minerals to be introduced to and learn about.  They are going to be Rock Stars!

Rocky smiles,


Sharon Dudley said...

Rosie, you rock! It's funny, because I'm working with my kindergarten on the Earth's surface right now as well. Thanks for leaving such a nice comment!

Sharon Dudley, NBCT
Teaching with Sight

Teacher and Life Long Learner said...

Thank you. I could teach this unit all year and never be rock bored!!!