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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

How Quickly Does Soil Settle in Water??

We are 5 lessons into our Soils Kit.  Last week we got samples of humus, clay, and sand and adding water to see how quickly the soil components would settle in water.  The clay instantly dropped to the bottom of the test tube, the humus took a while and the sand dropped readily too.  We then then reexamined the vials today and noticed that the sand had a fine layer of clay on top of it.  Why?  Sand naturally has tiny amounts of clay in it.  Interesting.  So, now we ask why are there puddles in certain field?  What might that soil contain?  What soil types do we have in our back yards, school, or at our neighbors?  Next we get three mystery mixtures and have to figure out what they are...results are coming.

To these vials, we added extra ingredients as variables; can you figure out what we added?
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