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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Making a Number Line

HAPPY WEDNESDAY-Pre 9/11-Patriotic Day!!!

Today our math program introduced working with and placing two digits on a number line.  This concept is very challenging when landmarks/decades of 10 are not given on the number line.  For example, if a number line 0-40 is given and one only has 0 and 40 noted, what would be half way or where should 19 go?  (etc.).  We discussed halving and using what we know about numbers on the number line to try to place numbers we don't know.  I also gave them a piece of yarn and 5 Post It Notes.  We started off by marking 0 and 100.  We then figured out were 50 was and then marked 25 and 75.  What was the advantage about using the string is we could fold it at the intervals.


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