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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Fractions/Shares Using a Paper Plate!

HELLO!  It's Tuesday, just in case you were wondering and all of your days are blending together like mine!

Today we used a paper plate to show shares-fractions!  We started with a blank paper plate and then cut it into half with a yellow crayon.  We labeled the parts 1. Next we got an orange crayon and cut it into fourths and labeled the parts 1 and noticed we had 4 parts-fourths.  Then we got a green crayon and cut our circle into eights.  HMMM...we got 8 parts-eights.  Finally, we got a blue crayon and cut it into sixteen parts-WOW.  We then folded the plate until we got down to that small silver of the circle 1/16.  We discussed how it would be appetite pleasing to cut it into 1/2's vs. 1/6's if we were hungry and were craving this "cookie" or "pizza."  We would definitely want the whole thing, but sharing it with another person would allow us to have a greater portion than 15 friends.


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