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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Our Trucker Buddy Came!!

Saturday, Saturday, and SUN!!!

Hope you are able to say the same!

Yesterday our Trucker Buddy visited!  WE WERE ECSTATIC AS THE GUY WE WERE WRITING TO AND EMAILING "CAME TO LIFE" AND WALKED INTO OUR CLASSROOM!  Donita, his wife also came!!  What a HOOT it was to have them both of them here!  They shared trucking stories, laughed, and reminisced about past experiences!  K-5th graders were able to listen to these delightful tales and then he gave us a "tour" of his truck!  We even got to go inside the cab!  May I also mention, TOOT the horn-not once, twice, but many students pulled the cord!  I think the whole village heard us!

Again, what a delight and an experience of a lifetime!


Heidi Harrell said...

That is so cool and so much fun! I am sure that is an experience your kids will always remember! These are the kinds of things that keep me teaching! Awesomeness!

Teacher and Life Long Learner said...

Thanks, Heidi!