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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Summer School is On!

Summer School is on.  6 weeks long-2 week sessions.  Many classes are offered-sewing, survival skills, active games, fishing, community trips, to mine-Technology Time and Prezi. I would love to sign up for some of the classes; can I teach and attend at the same time?  In my day, summer school meant academics needed touching up on.
Here are some of the sites I have shared with my 18 summer school kiddos:

Thankfully, class is only 90 minutes long, we are always trying to exceed progress from previous days challenges and create and build online works of art that excel yesterday's creations.

Below are two of my favorite teacher poems:

a-teachers-prayer-god-grant-me-the-serenity-to-accept-each-child-as-you-created-them.jpg (554×554)

A+TEACHER%27S+PRAYER.jpg (586×731)

Summer Smiles and Blessings,