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Sunday, February 24, 2013

M is for Measuring!

Happy Sunday!
It's in the 30's!  But, I can't toot my warm up horn too loud or often because we are expecting SNOW-yes, wish I could have typed SUN!

We have been using our rulers and measuring tools more than our pencils it seems!  Yard and Meter sticks, rulers, blocks, cubes, candy, shapes, scales, etc. have all been the items we have used to increase our understanding and experiences with measuring.  I have quickly discovered that my Multi-agers need help on how to write fractions-that tricky 1/2!  How do I write 1 and a half or other increments with a 1/2 of an inch seem to give my students a challenge-BUT, we have been practicing and are now "wrapping our measuring tools" around what 1/2 looks like when measuring!  (I just assumed they would connect what they have been learning with 1/2 of drawn shapes to our measuring experiences...but have learned that transfer did not happen). Next, measuring lines and shapes made by peers!


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