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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

You've Got Talent!

Happy Taco Tuesday-are tacos being served for lunch today in your cafeteria?

I need to give a wonderful and huge shout out to my Muti-agers!  I am so PROUD of them!  Last week Thursday-Open House Day-they confidently stood in front of their peers and a group of excited guests and shared their talents with us!  We had speeches on tieing shoelaces, making cherry Kool-aid and chocolate pudding, playing the keyboard, making Lego structures, crafting a stepping stone, to throwing a football.  Our classroom is full of wonderful attributes and skills!  As I gazed around the classroom during the speeches, the parents were in awe and fellow students were eager to hear what their peers were going to demonstrate!  THEY WERE TICKLED PINK WITH PROUD HEARTS!  After all the speeches were done, we used Popsicle sticks to draw names for students to give positive remarks to a peer's speech!

Decorating a cookie!

Making Kool-aid


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