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Monday, February 11, 2013

Magnetic Fun

Hello!  Monday is here and we have a 2 hr delay.  Ice, Ice, Ice, and more Ice!  My prayers go out to the N.E. coast as they deal with 3 feet of snow.   Our layer of ice is trivial compared to 36 inches of snow.

On Friday we went fishing!  No, not ice fishing...magnetic fishing.  We are three weeks into our magnetic unit and have a firm understanding on properties of magnets, magnet types, locations of magnets, and what magnets attract to and repel. Now, we put on our science fishing outfit, got our fishing gear-a magnet on a ribbon, and headed to the lake-the carpet.  We hope to clean the lake in 30 seconds (colored paper fish with a paperclip clipped onto them). (thankfully we were young enough...we did not need to buy a fishing license...).

After each Fisherman and Fisherlady had his or her turn to take we discussed why the cow magnet attracted to the fish.  They automatically concluded that the magnet attracted to the paperclip!  HOORAY!


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