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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Blow Up A Balloon!

Blessings to you this beautiful resurrection Sunday!  Happy Easter!

This past week before our 2 1/2 day spring break, we conducted one of my favorite solids, liquids, and gases experiments!  Can you guess which one?  Clue:  it involves a balloon.  Clue:  it involves vinegar.  Do you know yet?  Okay- Clue:  it involves baking soda.  Still don't know?  Last clue:  it involves an empty water bottle!  HOORAY YOU GUESSED RIGHT...Blow Up A Balloon!

Our wonderful Teacher's Aide 1/4 filled up 17 balloons with baking soda!  The first step to getting this experiment ready!  Next we collected cleaned and emptied water bottles, got vinegar, and our science notebooks!  I quickly walked around and 1/4 filled the bottles with vinegar.

Finally, we predicted what the result would

Then we gently stretched the neck of our balloons and stretched it over the rim of the bottles and gently poured the baking soda into the vinegar!  AND......WOW the excitement that filled the air-along with the distinct smell!

One student was correct in his predictions but he kindly told me he also read about this in a book :-)  Many were eager to try this again when they got home and they all took their experiments with them!  Hopefully the preparations that lead up to the experiment for them did not leave a scientific mess in their kitchens!