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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Matter is on...

Hello!  Yesterday I spent the day grieving at a funeral for a best friend whose battle ended with cancer!  She was the Mom, sister, aunt, grandmother, friend, and teacher that many of us dream we would like to be!  SHE WILL BE DEEPLY MISSED!!!  Still have not overcome my sorrow!!

Now, updates from the classroom! We entered our unit on Matter- SOLIDS, LIQUIDS, GASES?  Can you name three of each-awww gas is always the hardest, but I know you can do it!!!  We started with a brainstorm and identified what Matter is and generated a huge list of S, L, and G.  I was proud of their kids prior knowledge about the properties and examples.We took a walk around the classroom and identified matter examples that we saw...hand sanitizer, air in a bag, windows, desks, air in our tummy :-), blood, ear wax, water, plants, etc.

I also did a gas experiment.  I sprayed Vanilla air freshener and they needed to raise their hands when the smelled the wonderful smell.  It was interesting to see when the smell traveled to their nostrils!!

One of the last things, we need to do is played with some of my science toys and identified properties of them:

Here are some sites for you to visit:
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Solid, liquid, and gas smiles,

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