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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Cheerios and the States of Matter!

It's Sunday!  Are you fighting a cold???  If not, let me tell you about mine- just kidding.  Am I the only one who is fighting a third one this winter season? Guess I am keeping Vicks in business!

On to states of matter and a heart healthy cereal-Cheerios!  What?  Solids, liquids, and gases what do they have to do with Cheerios?  Give up?  They represent the molecules/atoms inside each state.
Before we began the below activity we did the Matter Dance!  We acted like we were solid molecules and huddled very close together and demonstrated how solids have a definite shape, volume, and size.  Next, we branched out a little and moved our bodies around while still high fiving fellow molecules-representing the liquid atoms!  No definite shape, but a definite volume (we still had 17 molecules in the end).  Finally we super sized our energy and spread ourselves thin across the room and did Bust A MOVE-gotta love those gas molecules- no definite shape, size, or volume!

This lead us to our Cheerio assisted lesson!  How would we represent the molecules with Cheerios inside a sock, glass of water, and a balloon...keep reading to find out our answers!

Hmm...what should we do?

Finished project with definitions below

I got this!

Yep, this is it...just a few more Cheerios!
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