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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Lucky Charms-Is Graphing Your Charm?

I think this week might be the first full week without a 2hr delay or cancellation we have had since mid Jan.  HOORAY NO ARROWS IN MY LESSON PLAN BOOK! (do you still use one of those?)
Today we used Lucky Charm cereal to do Lucky Charm graphing!  We used a baggie full of cereal (thank you to a great helper of mine who bagged all the servings) and pulled the marshmallows out to graph the moons, pot of Golds, hearts, etc.  (is the a reason for so many of of my students lacking horseshoes?)
After charting the amount, they needed to assess, answer questions about their data, and summarize their information!  And of course, they were able to eat their servings- HOW LUCKY FOR THEM!

One from Mailbox

Tally Chart


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