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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

2nd Grade News

Happy Tuesday!!  I am in the process of revising, changing, and updating many of my 2nd Grade documents, my website, parent letter, etc.  This fall I will be teaching 1st and 2nd Grade (for math, Social Studies, Technology, Science, and Health).  I am eager and excited, yet nervous.  I have taught 2nd Grade for the past 10.5 years and have never taught a multi-age class (we are going to call it SAFE-Second and First Education).  One of the items that is on top of my list of MUST DO:  my 2nd Grade News-also known as my weekly parent letter.  I hope to be able to make it 1st and 2nd Grade parent and student friendly, helpful, and informational!  Here is a 2nd Grade News that I sent home this past year and would look forward to hearing about any suggestions and tips you may have on how to revise and edit it.    Furthermore, do you send home a weekly letter?  Do you find all your parents read it?  Do you also send it via email or post it on your website?  Please let me know....smiles!

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