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Friday, June 22, 2012

Types of Communities!

 Last year I did not teach types of communities effectively!  Many of my students mixed up the terms- Urban, Suburb, Rural (I must admit, I don't remember learning these terms/vocab words in 2nd Grade) and could only describe 2-3 features of each type of community.  I tried to connect their neighborhood to each type of community, which helped, but was not enough.  We also tried Venn Diagrams, took virtual tours through each community, and discussed which  type of community we like the best and why!  This year, I will add more projects/hands-on activities so my 2nd Graders can connect better with types of communities.  This past weekend I took my camera and went on a community hunt!  I took many pictures of features of suburbs and rural communities.  I have yet to do urban.  Hopefully using pictures in a variety of activities will assist learning connections and understanding of communities!

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