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Friday, June 29, 2012

Trucker Buddy!!

Are you looking for authentic writing ideas or for a penpal?  How about a Trucker Buddy?  I have had a Trucker Buddy write to my class.  My students were able to track were he went and we plotted his routes on a map!  We also learned about transporting goods, geography and hot trucking places/diners/stop, safe ways to handle shipping goods, and where goods are shipped and why!  My 2nd Graders were able to learn about semis and the challenges one is faced when driving a semi!  Our Trucker Buddy was going to bring the semi to school, but ended up with truck issues the day of his visit :(   He did send us pencils, postcards, and minitrucks!  IT WAS A TRUCKING WRITING EXPERIENCE!!!!  This year I plan to sign up again and blog about our experiences and travels with our Trucker Buddy!  Perhaps I will even invite our entire school to sign up; wow, would that be a HAUL!!!  CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP
                     Here is a video testimonal about the Trucker Buddy Program

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