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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Teaching to Learn!

 BEAUTIFUL SUNDAY in Pulaski, WI!  91 degrees!  I took a rode trip about an hour away and went to a wonderful and BUSY place- the beach; a.k.a THE HOT SPOT!!!  Not only was I able to read (my collection of must read summer books is extensive) but also reflect upon this past year!  The 2011-12 school year was like no other!  I was blessed with 19 students- eager, curious, spontaneous, and dedicated!  They pushed me to step out of my teaching box each  day and learn along with them.  They taught me just as equally as I taught them!  (learning one can never get in a HOW TO TEACH book).  I am going to miss this class dearly!  They truly inspired me each day; 7 and 8 year old children are amazing teachers!
One of my favorite Proverbs!!

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