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Monday, July 9, 2012

Differently- Abled

I just saw this on Facebook and I needed to share it with you!  Anyone who has Autism has Autism but Autism does not have them!  I have worked with and have done ABA Therapy with many children who have Autism and they are all truly gifted and abled in so many different ways!  They true abilities sometimes do not shine until we expose them to a wide array of activities- music, technology, models, kits, currency, designing, etc.  One boy I worked with had severe Autism, nonverbal, and also identified has having severe cognitive impairments.  One of the teachers I was working with give him an IPAD to use, but did not show him how to use it or what to do with it!  Within a few weeks he had mastered the functions of the IPAD and was even tapping into ITUNES, downloading free apps, etc.  TRULY Remarkable!  Without a doubt, I believe each one of us has a wealth of talent or unique gifts that just need to be opened!  But, even better, shared with others!  Please feel free to PIN this or share with others!


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