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Sunday, July 15, 2012

ReadWriteThink- A Must Visit and Bookmark Site!

It is the 15th of July- yep it still is after I double check the calendar; I am not sure why this summer is moving by exceptionally fast.  Is it for you?
Today I'd like to share with you a must visit site:  readwritethink student-interactives My 2nd graders love this site and tomorrow I will be showing it to my summer school Tech Buddy students!  The link above will bring you to the student interactive portion of the site.  It has numerous A+ interactives for students to complete!  Also a bonus, the grades that the interactives are intended for are also posted next to the activity!  That will save you time when you are scrolling through the activities and trying to decide which interactives are best suited for your students!  A little side note, on the top of the Student Interactive page, make sure to click on All Student Interactives to get the entire list of activities!
Here are a couple of our favorites:
Make an Acrostic Poem!
Make a comic!


They could also make a timeline CLICK HERE TO MAKE A TIMELINE

ENJOY this site; please let me know what activities you enjoy or play to use with your students!


Sandy said...

I love that site, but haven't used it in a while. Thanks for reminding me of the site.

Thanks for commenting and visiting my blog.

Ms. Fiorini’s Stadium

2nd Grade Teacher and Life Long Learner said...

It is one of my favorites!
Have a superb day! said...

Thanks so much for promoting our site! We're so glad you enjoy the interactives. Just as a heads up, Comic Creator is currently being looked at for a serious redesign: spiffying up the look, some of the functionality, and adding the ability for students to save their work!

Just thought I'd mention, since this is a summer post talking about interactives, ReadWriteThink has a summer initiation going on, Bright Ideas for Summer, with some fun new summer based activities for kids to do over the break:

Thanks, again, for promoting our resources!

Wes Ford
Associate Editor for

2nd Grade Teacher and Life Long Learner said...

Hello Mr. Ford!
Thank you for the information!
I will check out the summer based activites! I also look forward to using more of your activities this fall with my students!