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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Resources to help meet CCSS!

Well...I did it again; went school supplies shopping!  SO IRRESISTIBLE!!  There is a School Store in Green Bay; and everyone in NE Wisconsin knows about it!  In fact, it is as visited as frequently for most of us as the grocery store is!  (seriously). I love the Daily Warm-Ups!  It is broken into sections like Numbers and Operations, Geometry and Measurement, Graphing and Data, etc.  It is almost a perfect match to meet the Math Common Core Standards and how they standards are grouped!  IT IS AN AWESOME RESOURCE! 
Of course, I had to pick up mini sentence strips!  I am going to use these to make laminated number lines and and for math fact practice!  In particular, for the Math Fact Scoot!  I print numbered math facts and numbered number sentences/equations on the sentence strips, and then laminate them (integrating many different types- 3+_=11, 11=5+__,  4=12-8, etc!  My students love playing Scoot and I love watching them have fun and learning at the same time!


Sharon Dudley said...

Rosie, thank you for leaving the comment on my blog! I'm actually already following you.

Sharon Dudley, NBCT

2nd Grade Teacher and Life Long Learner said...

HELLO SHARON! THANKS for following me; I appreciate your comment and adore your BLOG!

2nd Grade Glance said...

Hi Rosie-
We used to live in WI...!!I'm hoping my son will look at Marquette for College!I just loved living in Milwaukee and hanging in Door County Our teachers stores closed so I'm lucky to have found TPT! Stop by and visit :)

2nd Grade Teacher and Life Long Learner said...

Hello Jen! That is a fantastic college! I hope he finds his college home there :) Door County is a MUST SEE!!! I will visit your TPT store! SMILES :>)