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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Make Me A Quiz!

For the past three days I have had my Summer School Explore, Create, and Publish students working on a quiz for me.  They used Word to create a quiz that had 5+ questions about them for me to take.  They needed to use all the features of Word I taught them and integrate in any skills they were taught-font changes, Word Art, backgrounds, borders, frames, etc.  I WAS HIGHLY IMPRESSED with their results!  Their questions really put me to the "test."  A few even wanted to "grade" my quiz; the smiled the entire time they saw me print my answer and silently giggled when they saw me print the incorrect answer.  I was given two chances to get the question right, then they gave me the answer!  Many students wanted to do more than one!  By the way, my highest score was 3/5 (considering I don't know them very well, I would consider that an average grade ;)

Here are two samples; unfortunately we do not have access to a colored printer.



twilliams said...

Awesome idea! Thanks for stopping by my blog! Always gald to find another 2nd grade blogger!


2nd Grade Pig Pen

2nd Grade Teacher and Life Long Learner said...

THANK YOU for your kind comment Teresa! SMILES!