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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Math Games that Match Common Core State Standards!

I think I found a Common Core Math Game Jackpot!  These games will add a "wealth" of added practice, fun, enhancement, and learning opportunities for my students!  What I really like (double..ok triple like) is that all the games are directly correlated with the Common Core Standards and are very "addictive" and fun to play!  On these three games: SumSense Addition and SumSense Subtraction  and  SpeedGrid Addition one can set a timer and the amount of problems one wants to do,  All of these games can be played on  the SmartBoard!   These two I know for sure I am going to class hits:  I'm Thinking of a Number and Add Two Dice.  (I can see my students' faces bursting with excitement already!)

Here is the link for K-2 Number Resources.   Here are the two other links that are "Gold Links"
Domino Sort!
K-5 Measurement and K-5 Geometry

I have already played about 15 of the games; I still have many more awaiting me to click on them.  But, the movie, Madagascar 3 is calling my name!

Happy 4th of July!!!
Time Problems

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