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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Two More Guided Reading Tools!

Happy Thursday...yikes, a few more days and it is August!  Have you been working around the clock in your classroom or are you avoiding your classroom because you fear it will become your second home?

I have been making steady progress in my library and Guided Reading/reading support area.  I'd like to share two tools with you that my students love to use when they are reading (in small group, independently, partner reading or whole group reading).  The first is a reading guide.  This is made from a plastic page protector.  I just took several assorted colored plastic page protectors and cut them in 1 inch strips.  I made sure that the page protector was shut so I had a Reading Guide that would be able to slide down the page and also fold under the following page.  My 2nd Graders love these!  Some had a favorite color, others had me choose a color for them-the element of surprise!  As they read the slide the guide down the page.  Students can use them as a "highlighter" by having the guide go across/over the words or use the guide under the line of words to help their eyes track the words across the line and sentences.

The other tool is a heart pointer!  All students should "heart" reading, right????  My 2nd graders use these as a pointer to help them track their words and stay on the line. I also use these to have them answer my questions.  For instance, point to a word that is a key vocabulary term; point to a word that has a digraph in it; point to a word that has two syllables! 

Hopefully, in the next two weeks my Guided Reading supplies, tools, and materials will be all organized!  More to come, Blog friends!

Heart pointer and reading guide (sorry the
pictue is not the best quality)


Mary P. said...

I love, love, love the little pointers! What a great idea!
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Krista Carlson said...

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HELLO Krista!!! Yes, wouldn't you agree 2nd Grade is the BEST??? :>)
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