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Sunday, July 8, 2012

A Sunday Common Core Sweet Surprise!

I thought today's Church service and a Heritage Players Performance at Heritage Hill State Park (in Green Bay, WI) were two amazing gifts and blessings.  But, then I came home and stumbled upon a third surprise (Yippee).  Another website that is loaded with many fun, interactive and engaging games that will meet many of the Math Common Core Standards!  (I forgot that I already had this site on my website, so it was like visiting with a friend one has not seen in ages-pure sweetness).  Here is the link to another Awesome Site 
Here are a few games that would definitely assist in practicing the 2nd Grade Common Core Standards (place value in particular):  Place the Penguin  and  Lifeguards and Scooter .  I hope they add a little sweetness to your day too!   

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