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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Tagxedo-A+ site and helps meet CCSS

Happy Wednesday- for Northeast WI it is a SUPERB DAY; WE GOT SOMETING WE DESPERATELY NEEDED AND MISSED- RAIN!!!!  (we hope to never take it for granted again)

I found a "souped up" version of Wordle- Tagxedo; have you used this site?  This site shows the almost limitless possibilities of what one can do with one's projects and designs.  The extra edge it has on Wordle is that one can choose a shape that one wants his/her project to look like- a heart, rose, bus, foot, hand, peace sign, tree, pumpkin, etc.  What about having your students make a Word Cloud for Halloween or for your One can make a design and iron it on a shirt or a teaching bag, your weather unit, or for President's Day?  How about making a Tagxedo with spelling or vocabulary words or as a brainstorm or an illustration to accompany an Informational/Informing Writing?  One can even use them to compare and contrast different opinions about a certain subject or topic!  If one has his/her students complete a Tagxedo on Martin Luther King Jr. using the Martin Luther King Jr. shape, the students can discuss why they choose the words they did and how his/her words are similar/different than a peers?  Perhaps one can make a Tagxedo of antonyms, synonyms, or use the hand shape to make a HIGH 5 list of singular and plural nouns or adjectives!  DON'T forget to have students present their Word Clouds, do an audio recording and snap a picture of them with their creation!  Yet, another site to help reach the Common Core Standards! (my favorites list of Common Core sites is growing at a rapid pace)

Here is a Tagxedo I made!  It is composed
of words that can be used instead of "said"
 when students are writing stories!
Here is the link:  Word Cloud with Styles             


Busy Bees said...

Going to have to check out that site. Thanks so much for sharing!

2nd Grade Teacher and Life Long Learner said...

Thank you! Please let me know your thoughts on the site!