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Monday, July 30, 2012

Additional Guided Reading Tools to Share With You!

Maniac Monday or Marvelous Monday-which one is it for you?  For me, a tad of both!  Just a reminder, today is the 2nd to the last day of June-I know, like you needed to be reminded, right?
Today I would like to share with you to more Guided Reading tools that I use with my 2nd Graders.  The first is my 5 Day Guided Reading Plan (I cannot take credit for creating the plan).  I have used this since I implemented Guided Reading (over 10 years ago).  It has been a mainstay in my Guided Reading binder!  The boxes are big enough to write and note comments, suggestions, strategies, interventions, group names, and texts to use!  In the side margins, I also write additional ideas (for instance if I need to additionally monitor one specific students volume or a student's reading rate, etc).  This, by far, is the most effective plan I have found for my needs and my wonderful and growing readers!  Here it is:  5 Day Guided Reading Plan

Do your students know what kind of readers they are?  Do you know your reading style?  Are you a Racing Rabbit, Slightly Confused Turtle, Smart Fox, or a Reflective Owl? Does it matter what you are reading? Do your students reflect on what type of readers they are either before, during, or after they read?  After your have a shared reading or a read-aloud, do you reflect on how you read?  When I have a Guided Reading group or even when  work with one student, I discuss reading styles with them.  I have them tell me what type they feel they are; I feel when my students are able to self-critique their reading styles, I am equipping them to become more reflective, strategic, active, and independent readers. Here it is:  What Kind of Reader are You?   

Have a MARVELOUS Monday! 

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