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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

A tiny, tiny peak!

Less than three weeks-anyone's heart beating a little faster besides mine?  Yesterday I spent the day getting to know my classroom real well!  I thought after awhile it was telling me, "Rosie, it is time to go home.  Enjoy the beautiful summer weather."  I did make progress, but still cannot say IT IS FINISHED!  Will it ever be?  I keep looking at my classroom through a multi-ager's eyes and trying to unfold what a typical day is going to look like.  Hopefully, the will walk in on Drop Off Supplies Day and fill that they are in a nurturing environment that is going to appreciate their uniqueness and celebrate their differences!  Additionally, I hope they will fill that they will be challenged to soar to new heights, pushed to empower others, and that their teacher is One Of A Kind who will support them every day!  (the One Of A Kind notation is not a bragging note, but I have heard that from many of my past students...more to come on this in future posts)
Here are a few pictures of my classroom!  I DEEPLY APOLOGIZE that I did not take Picture Taking 101.
Bathroom Passes/Hand Sanitizer- my students but a pass and a bottle of hand sanitizer on their desks when they go to the bathroom.

SAVE those Box Tops and Milk Caps!

Job Board- We rotate jobs once a month

Our Timeline!  Each month we will add photos and at the end of the year reflect upon the changes and growth.  Sorry I was not able to get the whole Timeline in the picture!

This is where my students sign in for lunch, get their mail, and put their weekly brown envelopes.  This shelf was hand crafted for me!  IT IS A TREASURE!!!
More to come!  SMILES!!!!

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