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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Super Reader, Estimation Jar, and Me Bag

On Friday, I posted information about my Parent Pack!  I must admit, I still have a few areas to tend to!  IS IT EVER DONE?  For me, probably not!  I KEEP REARRANGING AND CHANGING!! AHHHH!  (perfectionism, over achiever, dedicated, obsessed, or just motivated?)  Included in that post was a picture of my Super Reader, Estimation Jar, and Me Bag.  Here is the picture, again, in case you missed the previous posting:
Every week a student gets to take this lovely purple bag home along with the Estimation Jar.  Inside they put 5 items of their choices.  The student then gives us 3 clues per item.  We have three tries to guess what each item is.  Typically, the students are very clever with their clues.  I am always amazed how well they craft the clues and present them to the class.  Pencils, stickers, small Legos, crayons, erasers, etc. usually are put in the Estimation Jar.  Taped to the inside of the lid is the amount of the items.  I take the answer off the lid (believe me they use a lot of tape to adhere it to the lid) and give the students a range to help them guess what the quantity is.  They print their answer on their white board.  The first time we do the Estimation Jar (which is presented by me), I model strategies on how to make a better guess on what the quantity is.  CHICKEN BIG is the book I would read.  Students must choose a picture book to read to the class.  There is always a huge range of choices!  When the student has finished, we give specific feedback to the student presenter.  "I liked your eye contact.  You had a smile on the whole time.  You gave clever clues."  Then we applaud the student!
Do you do something similar?  This will be my 11.5th year doing Super Reader, Estimation Jar, and Me Bag and it is one of my Can't Wait To Thursday activities!


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