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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Parent Pack! Welcome to Our Classroom!

They are stapled, labeled on quietly waiting for the parents to pick them up at Drop Off Supplies' Day!  That is 17 Parent Packs!  These Packs have been assembled to share with my Multi-age student families.  Included are pages on classroom expectations, a little snippet about me, and of course on the last page, the popular volunteer request form.  Of course, that would only be 3 pages!  Now, that would be the super condensed version.   A description of Super Reader, Estimation Bag and schedule, my classroom discipline policy, and classroom grading policies also have a page in this packet.  I have the parents sign the first page and then return the portion that has their signature on it.  Additionally, on the first page I do ask my student families how the want to receive my Classroom News.  They have three options:  via email, sent home, or they can view it online.  Typically, it is split by thirds; in other words, 1/3 receive it via email, another 1/3 view it online, and the last 1/3 get a hard copy!
How do you welcome your parents to your classroom?  Do you send home a beginning of the year Parent Pack?  If not, in what ways do you inform your parents about your fantastic and wonderful learning environments?  Please comment and share your ideas!  (if you would like to view the whole packet, please let me know.)
Cover page!
Super Reader, Estimation Jar, Me Bag

Volunteer page
Me Bag contents, Me Bag, and the Estimation Jar (I will go first to demonstrate and model how to complete each portion of this activity)  My next post will share more about this Get To Know You, entertaining, and enjoyable activity.

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