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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

My Search for the Toothpaste Activity and Donalyn Miller

Tuesday is here!  Officially in two weeks we start!  Have you started setting your alarm to get your body use to that early rise and shine time?  (that is if you already are not back to the best job occupation in the world) 
 So I started typing my lesson plans and got to the famous Toothpaste Activity.  I have not tried this activity, but came close last year...but that time factor got in the way.  So, I Googled Toothpaste activity and the first hit was: Team Building .  THANK YOU Southern District!
EUREKA even more Icebreakers and Team Building activities!  My folder is exceeding is capacity!
The last activity is the Toothpaste activity.  I have seen this version.  I might tweak it a tad to fit the skills of my students.  It would be a riot to see how they would use the Toothpaste to outline the word they print.  HA HA!!!  Perhaps I should try this at home first!
As far as the rest, I now need to pick out the ones that are best suited, applicable, and purposeful to my Multi-agers!  If you try any, let me know how they go!

Yesterday, I finished reading The Book Whisperer for the second time!  It was even better than the first read-I'm not sure how that could be because I thought I eared, highlighted, and eared everything I could.  Perhaps, I connected more with what Donalyn was saying and tied my experiences to hers!
I leave you with a quote from one of my all time professional reads:
 "The purpose of school should not be to prepare students for more school. We should be seeking to have fully engaged students now.”
Donalyn Miller, The Book Whisperer: Awakening the Inner Reader in Every Child



Barbara said...

I LOVE that link to the team-building activities - thanks! I wrote up the way we use the toothpaste activity here:

You can find other activities for respect in that lesson plan bank.

Happy new year,

The Corner On Character

Teacher and Life Long Learner said...

Barbara that is PERFECT!!! You must have known exactly what I was looking for to do with my students!