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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Scholastic's Update to Match Common Core Recommendations

Happy Wonderful Wednesday!  How are you doing with tackling the Common Core State Standards?  On the spectrum of a novice to an expert, where are you?  Me, I am still understanding the expectations and this year will we be our pilot year for us as we implement the Standards!
To my surprise, the Common Core's Lexile Level and Guided Reading Level recommendations has effected what my Multi-agers will be expected to reach before the end of the year!  Up until now, it has been level M for 2nd Grade.   Level N is now recommended from Common Core's.  Kindergarten (which I do not teach and haven't) is now level C!  What are your thoughts and opinions about the new expectations?  Do most of your students currently reach the new recommendations by Common Core? Are you revisiting the resources you use for literacy?  Have you bought any new texts, books, etc to meet the Common Core State Standards?  Let me know your thoughts!  Here is Scholastic's new chart:  Click Here

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