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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

My Promote for Multi-age 1-2 Shirt

Happy Wednesday! (night).  I am just about ready for Drop Off Supplies Day!  On August 29th from 2:00-5:00 parents can drop off their child's school supplies, visit the room, and meet me!  HOORAY for me!  I'm super excited to be have 17 wonderful families.  All but 4 of my student families have visited my and hung out in my classroom before ( I have had taught their siblings).

This year, it will be the first year that I have parents drop off their supplies in a Multi-age 1-2 classroom!  (I'm still getting used to saying I am a Mulit-age 1-2 teacher-after 10.5 years of teaching 2nd, my brain is almost programmed to say that).  Due to the fact that a Multi-age classroom stirs up an array of questions, has many jump to certain assertions, and that is a milestone at our school, I decided to decorate a shirt to wear on the 29th. I painted key words about Multi-age classrooms on it (mentor, share, cooperate, lead, collaborate, support, etc).   HERE IT IS:


If you did not have you Open House or Welcome to _____ Grade Day, have you ever worn a grade tailored hat, shirt, or something similar?  I thought maybe I would design a hat with our names on it?  Now, if time wasn't a factor!\


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