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Friday, August 17, 2012

Tah-dah! Here Are A Few More Pictures

It is a BRIGHT morning here in Wisconsin!  The forecast is calling for temperatures to be in the mid 70's.  For many Wisconsinites this is Weather Heaven!  Which makes me ponder, does your school have air conditioning?  Our school does not! But, we are testing out a few window units to see if we can create a comfortable learning climate without installing central AC. 

Just as the weather is a blessing, so is being able to feel a tad more at ease with the progress I am making in my classroom!  Gone are the following:  stacks of books to put in desks, teacher supplies to shelf, and folders to update.  Now, I just need to add a couple more locker tags, get my classroom door done, and finish my math binders and Guided Reading/Literacy materials.  Oops, I forgot, my math wall still has a "caution" sign on it-ok it does not have a sign on it, but I feel it should.  It still needs to be revamped!

Here are the 2nd set of photos:
Trucker Buddy wall-where we post our correspondences with our Trucker Buddy.  Take a peek to the right of the picture, see the AC unit?

Part of my Social Studies wall.  The curriculum for my level taps into parts of the government and there a handful of standards on geography, locations, directions, etc.  Oh, in case you are wondering, the plants love being an "active" part of the classroom!

The second part of my Social Studies wall-sorry about the sun!  Yes, that is the President and his family.  We write him every year and "he" writes us back!  I wonder who we will be writing this year?

My classroom library

Another part of my classroom library.  I could not forget the pillows!  My students curl up with their books and their pillows when they are reading.  I call it DIRT-Daily Independent Reading Time!



Beth said...

Hey! Thanks for dropping by my blog! Hope that air conditioning unit works really well for you. Living and teaching on the edge of the Sahara, I know how even just a few degrees cooler can help you make it through the day! Happy back to school!

Raye said...

We ARE air conditioned at my school. With 3 floors we kind of need to be or people would melt into puddles on the floor in September and May! :)

Great pictures of your room!

Teacher and Life Long Learner said...

Thanks Ladies. Sarah did you become a follower? Yes, those hot days-especially in June. Some days we are ready to ring out our socks and carry a sweat towel!