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Friday, August 10, 2012

b and d Reversals

Happy Friday (I hope it is sunny and at least 72 degrees by you; here it is cloudy and the temp is hovering around 60 degrees)!  Are you getting anxious; are you feeling the back to school butterflies yet?  I am trying "real hard" *emphasizing* not to beat myself too much by trying to perfect everything in my classroom!  I have seen so many wonderful pictures of yours and others classrooms (Design Star quality) and I second guess what I have done in my classroom!  Ahhh, the joys of Type A personality!   haven't had dreams about what I need to move or arrange differently so I guess my mind is at ease when I sleep! :>)  If you are dreaming-literally dreaming- about your classroom, will warm milk or white noise help?????

So, onto my post idea!  Do you have a magic trick for b and d reversals?  I am tutoring two students who flip them and will interchange them when reading and writing!  Furthermore, in 2nd Grade it is still "common" for a few 7 and 8 year old students to reverse b and d.  Over the years, I have collected a few tricks and tools to put in my Resource Bag!  Here are a few:
  • b and d with fists aka Thumbs Up!- the student puts up his or fists on each hand to make a b with the left hand and a d with the right hand.  It can be also pointed out the b is first in the alphabet and it is also first when you put up you b and d on you fists!
  • b and d with pointer and thumb-the student uses his/her pointer finger and brings it down to touch his/her extended thumb (the pointer finger should make a circle shape when it touches the thumb).  
  • b and d on sand paper letters (the preschool student I work with is a top fan of these)- On the sand paper letters there are green and red dots, arrows, and numbers to indicate where to start, form the letter and where to stop.
  • sky write b and d-make sure to use a "sharpened finger pencil" and use big arm movements to make a b and d in the sky while saying the letter
  • table top or desk top b and d-make a b and d with pointer on a desk or table surface while saying the letter.
  • c comes before d-if students remember that c comes before d than they can make the c first and add the stick to form the d.
  • mouth positions-have students use what position their mouth is in when they make the b and d sound- b-closed  d-open  
  • bat/ball, doorknob/door-teach students to make the b first they make the bat then the ball.  For the d first they make the doorknob and then add the door.
  •  gel bags- make b and d in a baggie filled with gel
  • shaving cream-make b and d in a shaving cream (and clean the desk at the same time)
 I hope these help you!  Do you have any to share; if so, please do!  :>)


b and d poster


Mrs. Richardson said...

You are right! b and d are so difficult for some little ones.

Thanks for stopping by! No, I wasn't reading your mind but I am SO happy to know that you can use them! I was in desperate need of a word wall facelift! ha! :)

Lisa Parnello said...

This past year I had a little girl with dyslexia and using the "b" and "d" fists worked soooo well with her! I showed her if you put the two fists together with the thumbs up, then it looks like a bed to remind her which one is which. She was so excited to have a way to get the letters right when she didn't have my ABC chart to look at anymore in 3rd grade. This is a great idea to post and share!

Eileen Griffin said...

I always have one or two with b and d reversals. Thank you for the tips. I always can use a refresher! Thanks for visiting me too! I am a follower of you now. I love this open forum of sharing ideas and tips. It's really wonderful.

2nd Grade Teacher and Life Long Learner said...

Thanks for your comments ladies!!! SMILES!!!