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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Another Must See Site for Common Core

The first day of the school year (and for a brand new "grade"-Multi-age 1-2) quickly came and has gone. The second day made it and is here! Hopefully, my Multi-agers can have an opportunity to "talk" more today; I think yesterday I must have sounded like a yaker because I felt like I was none stop-going over procedure after procedure.  I still have a few more to get through- what the hallway looks like/sounds like, Safety Drill procedures, fire and tornado drill, a classroom tour, and ...well, I guess there is more than I thought :(  BUT, all of these are so important to model, model, model and establish the first few days!  Hopefully Harry Wong would give our classroom and myself a pat on the back!

I continue to search, read, chat with educators about the best resources to meet and tools to meet the Common Core Standards.  I found this site:  Professional Development Toolkits  It is broken down into two categories- K-2 and 3-5.  Once you click on one of those categories, you can click on Student Activities, Teacher Strategies, Materials, or Formative Assessment!  It also has lesson plan and formative assessment templates!  All in all, a MUST SEE and USE!!!  I have just begun to explore it!  I hope it is helpful to you!

Lesson Plan Template

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