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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Beautiful Oops!

Happy Thursday and 3rd day of school (well for most Wisconsinites it is)!  We have now read 4 “Hot Reads.”  Lily’s Purple Plastic Purse, Juice Box Bully, started Cam Jansen and the Mystery Television Dog,  and Beautiful Oops!  I think most of my Multi-agers would agree Beautiful Oops was there favorite this far-or at least generated the most smiles and laughs!!!  We learned that one’s mistakes can be transformed as “BEAUTIFUL OOPS.”  In fact, even when I was reading the story and modeling reading strategies, I accidentally made a mistake with one of the words.  One of my students politely commented, “Ms. Wenzel you did not make a mistake, that was a BEAUTIFUL OOPS.”
Check out this link:  Beautiful Oops Video

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