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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Scavenger Hunt at Open House

Saturday, Saturday, Saturday!!!  On top of that, it is a SUN SHINY SATURDAY!!!

I hope your school week went well!  Mine-I think it was a blur!  Does it ever go by so fast, you have a hard time remember how you stayed on top of everything??

On Thursday night we had Open House!  ALL are welcome to our Open House and our school doors are open from 6:00-8:00 pm!  Plus, we offer a carb dinner- Spaghetti :-)

Our classroom prepared for the Open House by creating a Scavenger Hunt for our student families to complete.  Of course, students were not able to help their parents/family members find the items on the hunt!  As the families entered and my students gave their parents the Scavenger Hunt form and instructed their parents what to do, I knew they were so excited and anxious to see how their parents would do!  Many parents asked for clues and hints-I even heard- "Can you tell me if I am hot or cold?"  LOVE IT!!!

As the parents searched the classroom I heard giggles, saw many smiles, and felt bonding waves floating through the classroom!  Both moms and dads completed the search which was a pleasure to see!

WAY TO GO Multi-age families!               
Link to my Scavenger Hunt:  Click Here

A grandparent took this-this was at the start of Open House!

Door County, WI!  BEAUTIFUL!!!  Hopefully, I will get to see this tomorrow-road trip!


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