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Monday, September 10, 2012

Tomorrow I Remember! Tomorrow I I Teach About Heroes!

Tomorrow I Remember!  Tomorrow I Teach About Heroes!

Do you want to show your students the Memorial that honors 9/11:
 9/11 Memorial
Here are some tips to talk to your students and/or children about  9/11

Here are three poems I found that touched me!  The last one was written by a 7th Grader.

 My Hero
I saw my hero
just walking down the street
the other day.
I see my hero
in my dreams
I watched him leave
he had a tear in his eye
as he looked back at me.
He mouthed 'I love you'
and then he was gone.
I said 'I love you too.'
and then tears came down
my eyes
as I started
to cry.
I saw my hero
fighting for me,
fighting for you.
I saw my hero
in my dreams.
Why did he have to go?
Why did he have to leave?
Why is this happening
to me?
I miss him.
As my heart starts pounding
I watch as the light in his head goes dim.
I saw my hero
in my dreams.
I saw my hero
pleading to come back to me.
I saw my hero
in my dreams.
I as the light
in his head went dim.
I saw my hero
come back to me.
I saw him.
I see him.
My hero.

Stephani Mager

The Day The Towers Fell

A sad day for America
As rejoicing rang from hell,
Awakening a mighty giant
On the day the towers fell.

Our hearts were saddened
As we watched this vicious act unfold,
As innocence met a fiery death
And seeds of war were sowed.

Shouts rang out from the middle east
That Allah has done his good
But no god joys in faultless deaths
Through certain cowards could.

America just sort of glides along,
But don't step on her toes ...
For her belief in right and justice
Will stomp out freedom's foes

Cross Amidst the Ruins

On an early September morning;
Hatred reared it's ugly head.
Terrorism struck Manhattan;
It's wake left thousands dead!

It truly was a miracle ...
How many lives were saved.
Over-shadowed by the horror;
Of the war-like rubbled grave!

Time seemed frozen, hope was lost;
For loved ones left behind.
Trying to hold onto their faith,
Praying, "God give us a sign!"

Uncovered from the wreckage;
A sight that seemed unreal.
A cross that stood 'bout twenty feet ...
From twisted beams of steel! 

On September 11th we woke to a normal morning and got ready for the day.
We never expected the tragedy that was headed our way.
We got ready for school and work; we didn't want to be late,
Not knowing we'd never forget this horrifying date.

We started our routines, and planned for a busy time,
Until we got the call through the telephone line.
We turned on the TV just as we were told,
And watched as our hands started to grow very cold.

New York was full of smoke like a very foggy morning,
Because a plane had struck a building without a single warning.
We all watched in silence as the second building was hit,
I could not believe it, NO not one bit!

As we watched the first tower collapse and saw the people jumping,
We had to look away for our hearts were surely pumping.
When the second tower collapsed, tears fell from my eyes,
I thought of all those people that lost their lives.

© 2/23/03 -Roman Widdig
7th Grade - 13 yrs old



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