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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Book Shopping and DIRT!

Saturday has made it!!!  Four days have been completed; did it seem like a few weeks for you, or was it just my throat and my feet thinking it was.  I forgot how much you talk when you are a teacher, but my throat was sure letting me know!  Yesterday my Multi-agers got to book shop!  They were eagerly waiting since Wednesday!  I definitely did not need to coax anyone into wanting to pick out Just Right books. :-)
In fact, for a couple I needed to give a few minutes left reminders!  I must say, the bags my my sewed for them-we call them our DIRT bags (Daily Independent Reading Time-read to self), did add a little spice to their shopping experience!  Then off we went right into DIRT!  Their stamina was IMPRESSIVE!  I think I felt a few proud tears trickle down my cheek!  Congrats Multi-agers!
Book Shopping


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