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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Double A's-ABCYA and Adventures to Fitness!

Today we used the Smart Board for a variety of purposes and activities.  (we don't have one in our classroom :-( so when we use it, it's a special treat).  First, we went on one of our FAVORITE sites-  Abcya  !  We  practiced our math skills and used our math strategies on the Smart Board.  We used a blank hundred's chart to try to place numbers on it correctly (using our understanding on place value, ordering of numbers, and sequencing-trying to meet a few Common Core Math Standards. 100 Number Grid

 We also practiced our sight words by playing a came where we raced 3 other kittens to get to the finish line before they did!  Sight Word Recognition

WE TRIED OUR BEST and earned a trophy.  The support and encouragement on this game shook the walls!!!  I think I can put this under Favorites!  Again, this game supports the Common Core Standard on fluently reading grade level sight words!

Mr. MarcFinally, we went to Adventurestofitness  to learn about the Himalaya Mountains.  First, of all, if you have never used Adventures to Fitness, it is almost like you whole curriculum on one sight-standards from all curricular areas are woven into physical fitness adventures!            

 Kitten Hop
100 Number Grid


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