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Sunday, September 16, 2012


Ughhh this morning I woke up stuffy!  Shouldn't I have predicted this?  Two weeks in-perfect time for the bugs to move in-guess it's time for the GERM talk with my Multi-agers!

New this year in my classroom is hand sanitizer by my computer and in the Tech Lab!  All my students must sanitize before and after-two proactive and preventive measure.  I also have them put the hand sanitizer on their desk (with the bathroom pass) and they must sanitize before they hang up the pass and put the sanitizer away (this way those who sneaked out of the bathroom at least get sanitizer).

I will be emailing our volunteer parent nurse today too!  She does a fantastic job on showing students how to properly wash!  Most students (even catch myself sometime) will squirt the soap and before wetting their hands.  She firmly and nicely reminds us to wet our hands first, then lather!  She has each one of us wash in front of her and dry appropriately!  Did you know if you use hand sanitizer you are supposed to rub your hands together till it dries?  When washing your hands you should be able to sing the ABC song if you have scrubbed them long enough.  She shares facts like these and more...this is a wonderful learning experience for all (BYE, BUGS and GERMS)!
Preventing Mr. Germ!

Here is a cute and catchy music video that hopefully many will find repeating: Pump the Pump



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