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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Two Dice, Add, and Smiles!

Happy Terrific Tuesday (is it terrific for you, if not, I'm sending you terrific well wishes).

Yesterday my Youngers (my 1st grade students) used dice to practice their math facts.  It is ponderous how two cubes can reveal a great depth of information on the math understandings and levels of a child.  When he/she rolls a die, does he/she have count each dot?  Does he/she start with the bigger number and count on?  Does he/she use facts he/she knows to help him/her add the two dice? Can he/she print the number correctly?  What facts does he/she know?

Rolling fun!

I can print my numbers correctly.

So happy and proud!
More games yet to come- Dice War, Addition Sentences, Subtraction Sentences, Highest Number, Lowest Number, Doubles, Race to 100, and many more.  What games do you play?

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