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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Grow and Glow in Penmanship

I have to give a SHOUT OUT to a teacher who came up with the Grow and Glow tool for writing.  I took her FANTASTIC idea and am using it for handwriting!  My Multi-agers use a green-grow and yellow-glow highlighter to mark their letters.  They must highlight three letters as a glow and two as a grow!  (many highlight more) I felt they should highlight more for glow then grow because I want them to feel confident in their potential!  After, they have marked their grow and glow, I will mark their letters for grow and glow!  After they fix the grow, they are done with the page. So far, it is working out GLOWINGLY (Not sure if it is a word, but I like it).
This student has marked hers for grow and glow!

Grow and glow highlighters

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